Evaluation of nurses’ learning in an online course about venous leg ulcer

Fernanda Mateus Queiroz Schmidt, Juscilynne Barros da Costa Aroldi, Heloisa Helena Ciqueto Peres, Lilian Mara Quiroz, Patrícia Pereira dos Anjos, Vivian Aparecida Teixeira, Vera Lúcia Conceição Gouveia Santos

Objective: To evaluate the degree of knowledge of nurses about venous leg ulcer (VLU) and compressive therapy (CT); comparing the degree of knowledge on the subject between nurses with and without specialized training in stomatherapy, after the online course; and analyze the demographic and educational variables associated with learning. Methods: A quasi-experimental and comparative study in which a didactic intervention was tested in two different groups of nurses, through the application of a questionnaire to evaluate learning before and after the course. Data were analyzed by McNemar, chi-square, F of ANOVA tests, Student t and generalized estimation equations. Results: The specialist nurses obtained average scores of 7.79 and 9.07 and the generalists of 6.39 and 8.49, respectively, in the pre and post-course. Age equal or higher to 30 years influenced to the highest degree of knowledge after the course. Conclusion: The course allowed learning about the theme in both groups. Specialist nurses had greater knowledge on the subject when compared to generalist nurses.


Stomatherapy; Varicose ulcer; Compressive bandages; Computing in nursing; Correspondence course; Learning; Stomatherapy

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