Knowledge, perceptions and care needs of preoperative surgery for the realization of intestinal ostomy

Gabriela Xavier Morais, Juliana Balbinot Reis Girondi, Lúcia Nazareth Amante, Luciara Fabiane Sebold, Amanda de Souza Vieira, Fernanda Ribeiro de Souza

Objective: To understand the perceptions and self-care needs of patients regarding intestinal stoma in the preoperative period. Method: Qualitative exploratory research performed in a surgical unit of a hospital in southern Brazil, with seven patients in the preoperative period of intestinal surgery. The data were collected through semi-structured interviews and submitted to thematic analysis of content. From the data analysis three thematic categories emerged: therapeutic itinerary and associated feelings; knowledge, perceptions and expectations regarding intestinal ostomy; and self-care needs of the patient with intestinal stoma. Results: The participants showed a lack of knowledge about intestinal stoma and evaluated this possibility as something negative, which would bring changes in lifestyle habits, with little information about care. Conclusion: It is evident the need to provide preoperative orientation for better acceptance and strengthening of the patient’s self-care in the postoperative period, appointing the nurse as an essential professional in this process.


Ostomy; Self-care; Nursing care; Enterostomal therapy.

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