Knowledge of nurses in primary health care about the indication of special coverage

Cristiano Caveião, Ana Paula Hey, Willian Barbosa Sales, Edson Luís Pereira Tavares, Elisangela de Souza, Marly Marton Bittencourt Gervásio da Silva

Objective: To identify the knowledge of nurses in primary health care in a municipality about the indication of special coverage. Method: An exploratory, descriptive study with a quantitative approach performed with 101 nurses in 109 health units of primary health care through a structured instrument. The data were statistically analyzed with frequency distribution, percentiles, average, median, standard deviation, coeffi cient of variation, confidence interval, p-value and two-proportion equality test to compare the group that has qualifi cation/improvement in the area with the group do not have. Results: About the indication of the coverage,79.2% reported that it is intended to control exudate and non-viable tissue, and the indication with the highest percentage of correct answers for use in wounds was the silver hydrofi bra coverage and hydrocolloid with silver. Conclusion: Primary care nurses with qualification/improvement courses do not have enough knowledge to indicate the coverage.


Nursing; Occlusive healings; Knowledge; Primary health care; Stomatherapy

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