Risk factors for surgical site infection in potentially contaminated surgeries

Tatiana Martins, Lúcia Nazareth Amante, Janeisa Franck Virtuoso, Renata da Silva, Fabiana Minati de Pinho, Luizita Henckemaier, Rariany Mirian de Oliveira Lopes

Objective: To associate the intraoperative period risk factors of potentially contaminated surgeries with the occurrence of surgical site infection in the postoperative period at the hospital and at domicile. Method: A longitudinal, descriptive and quantitative study was realized from February to June 2015 with 90 patients and with an interview and observation script applied during the surgical procedure. Results: The surgical site infection occurred in nine participants in the postoperative hospital and 42 in the domicile. Conclusion: Hospital and domicile control and follow-up are suggested, preventing the risk of infections and making patient safety possible.


Stomatherapy; Patient safety; Intraoperative period; Surgical wound infection; Hospital infection

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