Complications and cares related to the use of the gastrostomy tube in pediatrics

Lidiane do Nascimento Rodrigues, Aila Maria Oliveira da Silva, Maria dos Santos Xavier, Edna Maria Camelo Chaves

To describe the complications and cares related to the use of the gastrostomy tube. Method: A descriptive and exploratory study, with a qualitative approach, performed with 15 mothers of gastrotomized children attended at the Specialized Service in Wounds, Stomas and Incontinence. To obtain the data, it was used an interview with semi-structured script composed by the participants identification and two guiding questions. For the analysis, the thematic type content analysis technique was used. Results: The most frequent complications were accidental tube outlet, hyperemia, granuloma, gastric residue leakage, balloon rupture and ostium enlargement and closure. Conclusion: Gastrostomy care is indispensable for patients, since its guarantee the safety of the procedure, without the risk of complications. The nurse has a responsibility and a privileged position on these patients, since to work with the gastrotomized child is to build a close and collaborative relationship with the child and the family and to contribute to the scientific enhancement and the improvement in the quality of nursing care, thus favoring a partnership between the team of professionals and the family.


Stomatherapy; Gastrostomy; Nursing care; Pediatrics

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