Profile of colostomized patients in the Association of Ostomized of Rio Grande do Norte

Liliane Ecco, Fernanda Gomes Dantas, Marjorie Dantas Medeiros Melo, Luana Souza Freitas, Lays Pinheiro de Medeiros, Isabelle Katherinne Fernandes Costa

To identify and describe the profile of colostomized patients domiciled in the State of Rio Grande do Norte. Method: This is a descriptive, cross-sectional and quantitative study realized in the Ostomized Association of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal/RN, Brazil, between December 2013 and March 2014, through the registry of 549 colostomized patients. Results: The distribution between the genders occurred in a similar way, with a rate age of 58.21 years (± 21.59 years). They were predominantly married (47.7%), brownish colour (47.3%), with elementary school (53.4%), income of up to one minimum wage (64.3%), retirees, pensioners or beneficiaries (25.9%) and coming from the Eastern Coastal Zone (61.4%). Temporary colostomies prevailed (54.3%), with an average surgical time of 4.75 years (± 5.9 years), the main cause of which was rectum neoplasia (44.8%). Conclusion: When this population is characterized, it is possible to establish priorities regarding the assistance provided, the planning and implementation of actions aimed at health promotion and the prevention of complications.


Stoma; Colostomy; Health profile; Nursing; Stomatherapy.

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